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Overview and analysis of the situation of intimate partner violence between young people.

This report represents a short overview of main terms, necessary to understand violence against women and girls, its definition and types, the influence of social stereotypes, stigmatization and reactions of the society, including consequences of violence, legal framework overview and statistics. It focuses especially on Slovenia and Spain, since AWARE project partners are coming from these two countries. We of course cannot frame violence within national borders and international comparisons are of major importance. Theoretical analysis as well as analysis of executed 3 focus groups per country serve as a baseline of project AWARE, that will help us to prepare better upcoming activities, be more effective in the execution of our project and produce tangible results.

Project AWARE- Youth empowerment for recognition and informed reacting to different forms of violence in intimate partner relationships, addresses violence in intimate partner relationships between young people of different sexual orientations. It aims to inform youth about the meaning, working and overcoming gender-based stereotypes and gender roles that young people often unconsciously use as a tool to rationalize violent behaviour. The project continues and complements the mission of a previous project I can choose to say no, that included creating a website called True2You, aiming to inform about and prevent violence in intimate partner relationships between youth. Project coordinator and the main creator of this report is Institute for Gender Equality, project partners are Avisensa, Institute for psychology, counselling and education, Kamnica and Fundación Privada Indera.

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